Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Working away busily today with the chickens all scratching around and having a dirt bath when the wife's mobile phone rings and it's the school telling us to pick our son up as he had bust his nose in the play ground and wanted to come home. We packed up and set of for the seven mile journey to collect him and I thought I would leave the chickens out until we came back in around half an hour.

We collected the lad and he seemed okay so we gave him a couple of Paracetamol and set off home. I remembered that my parents had a plum tree that was heaving with fruit so I said it might be a good idea to pop on and get some. I pondered for a moment about the chicken and decided it would be prudent to go and shut them in before we went so we toddled off down to close up.

As we approached the end of the lane there was a quick flash of red streaking across the road in front of the car heading towards the yard. Foxy was just arriving to check if we had put the hens away.


  1. She was in fabulous condition...almost flew as in such a hurry ! (beautiful Vixen)